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This waist-to-hip ratio code is so ingrained in the deepest recesses of the brain that it even shows up in pornography consumption patterns. Case in point: Someone looked at the top 100 adult film actresses of 2014-2015 based on page views generated at pornography giant Pornhub.

He or she then cross-referenced the actresses featured with body measurements from the Internet Adult Film Database, along with secondary sources, to build this handy chart.

Percentage wise, the odds of being overweight if you have a college degree and make six-figures per year are much lower than if you are in poverty.

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Reading through all this sent me down a path of obesity studies.

I decided to try and get into them sometime next week, if I can fit them into the schedule, after the post on the Culture Code mental model.

In that post, I included a few embedded videos of Dr. In one of those videos, at around the mark, he spoke about the “code” for biological reproduction when it came to men who wanted to sire children; the number that arose in his research regardless of what a man said he found attractive as the man couldn’t lie about his body’s response in a laboratory. It’s the key if you want to unlock the reptilian mind in most men and manipulate it for your own advantage because over time, evolutionary pressures have resulted in a very specific, narrow waist-to-hip ratio that signaled to the primal part of the brain, “This female is genetically superior to others”.

Here is an annotated screenshot of the passage that caught my eye. Cousins, “Waist-to-hip ratio was not a significant predictor of women’s ratings of men’s physical attractiveness.” It had no evolutionary pressure to evolve so it didn’t.

The person putting the information together actually said – and I’m quoting here – “I had trouble finding a number for the average female waist-to-hip ratio. On the other hand, the waist-to-chest ratio does play a small role in women’s perceptions of attractiveness.


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