Chaotic dating game

The most idiotic member they claim is, ironically, "Teh Smarty".

If you successfully plunder your target, you will deal a Powerful attack to them. Once all players are infected, you will become the expansion only.

Jordan replied, and the two of them quickly became friends.

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Chilled Chaos is an ex-member of the Creatures from 2009 - 2011.

He was member of a group called the Creatures, but left on October 19, 2011, and is now a founder/member of The Derp Crew.

Chilled Chaos recently moved back to New York after living in Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend, Jess, and dog, Rexxar.

STAND TOGETHER OR AGAINST EACH OTHER• Gather your best team to take on the toughest dungeons.• Fight for supremacy by taking on other players in open Pv P.• Directly challenge a player anywhere to a Pv P Duel.• Trade using auction houses or directly with other players.

BUILT FOR MOBILE• Controls optimized for mobile devices.• Better communication with optimized chat and mailbox features. It’s called a mage, not that person that knows a handful of spells.


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