Dating in rapid city sd for the older generation

The work was hard, especially in winter, and after all these years, I can still remember how tired hed be when he came home at night.

His parents homesteaded inside of what is now Badlands National Park on the wind blown prairie in Western South Dakota, and thats where my Dad was born and grew up.

These were scanned from Polaroid snapshots, so they are a little fuzzy.

Finally, another piece of trivia I have is a listing of the actual dates that each central office in the St. I'm not sure your site would benefit much from such trivia but if you like I'd be pleased to send it to you. Louis, MOI started with the Bell System in late 1970 in Miami one week after my honorable discharge from the US Army and service in Viet Nam.

Weldon titled "Old Telephone Men Tell Old Telephone Tales".

It is his personal story of his telephone career with the Bell System.


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