Dating site for the disabled

After more verbal ping-pong about whether people with disabilities could date “normies,” I claimed a temporary victory.

She agreed to let me upload my profile to her site.

If she likes it, maybe she’ll invite me to meet her for a free consultation.

Her prices are steep (,700), but I figured I could open her eyes about disability and dating.

“Well it’s just that…” She paused, trying to choose her words carefully.

Perhaps she didn’t realized people with disabilities might use her service.

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” I asked a woman who opened a new matchmaking service in town.So far I have resisted the temptation to dust off my cowboy boots or pretend I’m a wine snob.However, maybe one day I will find the enthusiasm to take part in her trendy hipster dating activities.While I often have an easier time talking about same subjects with folks in my community, I also get great support from non-disabled allies.My friends’ suggestions of dating your own kind also extend to whom they try to fix me up with.In the nicest way possible, I made it clear to the woman that I wanted some real help in the dating game from a person, not a search engine.“Well I am not sure I can help you,” she said. Maybe she’s implying that she might be forced to set me up with dates with a few different women before I find the right one. Her rationale that there might not be enough clients interested in dating guys like me may be true.


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