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It becomes personal when James uses a first-person dual point-of-view from Trinity’s and Walker’s perspectives, diving into their relationships, those between man and woman, friend and friend, family and child, sibling to sibling, and parent and son.

Interesting, ambitious woman, eight or nine years younger than I, lots of experience in publishing. I get machine-generated notes from Linked In and Facebook all the time asking to connect to my network, and generally I friend those who ask.The title is small, in white, and at the bottom just above the buildings. I got an email from Linked In with the headline, “Mary Mankiewicz wants to keep in touch on Linked In! But I think it would be very courteous to include a note saying something like, “Hi Jeff! (Note well: All these names are utterly fictitious.If ebook piracy is not yet a big deal, it isn’t because it’s difficult.It’s still because reading ebooks is borderline painful.It’s a romance that will make you smile and settle back with your feet up and the afghan over your legs with a cup of your favorite drink sitting by your hand.


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