Dropdownchoice not updating model

If model will be changed before that - it lead to inconsistency of data.

I'm a little bit flustrated by your question My understanding was that Wicket allow do whatever you want with forms, form components and their structure without actual apply of changes to models. Might "quick" start will help to understand this problem better. But they should be applied only when user clicks "Save".

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I see the usefulness of this change though, so I'll update my applications once 6.17 is released.

I don't think there is many users of AFCUB#get Update Model().

Otherwise everyone would hit this problem immediately.

For Wicket 7.x we need something added to the migration guide.

Hi Martin, I'm worried that this change might applications on 6.x, their components will keep the raw input and might render the wrong output afterwards.


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