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He had confided his misery to numerous classmates, telling close friends: ‘I want to die to prove a point.’That morning Sam strapped on his helmet to cycle two-and-a-half miles from his family home on the outskirts of Worcester to an Asda superstore in the centre of town. Less than ten minutes later he had sent a message to a friend: ‘This world is s***.’ He then stood on the wall and plunged 30ft to the ground.‘Normally I don’t worry for at least 20 minutes if he’s late but that day, for some reason, I did,’ says Anita. I didn’t check.” ’Anita and her daughter dashed to hospital, where they waited for Sam to be brought in.‘I saw him and . ‘They sent my daughter away, but I said: “There’s no way I’m going.

CCTV footage shows him locking up his bicycle before climbing eight floors to the top of the multi-storey car park. ‘It was literally a minute past 1pm when I texted my daughter who was downstairs and said: “Is Sam home yet? He didn’t answer so she kept trying.‘All of a sudden she screamed: “Oh my God, mum. I’m staying with Sam.” I went into the resuscitation unit with him. I held his hand and said: “You’re going to get through this, boy, come on.”‘After about five minutes, they said: “We’ve got to stop.

To think of the hell he must have been going through and to not tell us there was anything wrong. They are speaking now in the hope that other young people will confide in an adult if they suspect that someone they know is being bullied.

We talk about everything and anything in our family.‘We knew there’d been problems with a boy at school in the past. They also want those who target others on social media to fully understand the misery they can cause.‘For weeks we couldn’t understand why,’ says Anita.

Discover elaborate parterre gardens and monumental fountains then find your way through enchanting woodland to the unique adventure play area. English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and places - from world-famous prehistoric sites to grand medieval castles, from Roman forts on the edges of empire to a Cold War bunker. Our confidence in achieving this is based on our track record.

For, unbeknown to Anita and her husband Mark, their academically gifted son Sam was a deeply unhappy young man who was being bombarded with spiteful messages on social media day and night. A supermarket employee saw Sam, apparently on his phone, texting. He’s fine.” She said: “He’s had an accident at Asda.” I thought: “Oh God, did he have his helmet on? You know from the sheer anguish on her face that the image of her horribly wounded son will never leave her.

Over the years buildings were added and extended inlcuding 10 cottages in the back yard.

But as the fortunes locally declined from the 1700s it was threatened with demolition in the 1930s along with the row of 10 houses in Georges Yard behind.

Explore the dramatic ruins of Witley Court and travel back to a world of lavish house parties.

Learn the stories behind the people who once lived and partied here, from servants to royal visitors. Our target is to become completely self-funding by 2023.


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