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She and Josh acknowledge that they each had valid points worth considering, and their mutual support results in the couple saying they love each other for the first time.Any TV show that can successfully take as many emotional turns as “Popcorn” does in 20 minutes — without totally going off the rails — is impressive.And even though the episode is only 20 minutes long, it still manages to be a horror movie, a coming-of-age tale, and a romantic comedy all at once.

Lucy has clearly been sensitive about the way her parents seem to support her in one way (by paying off her student loans) while dismissing her in others (shrugging off her graphic design work) for years.

At its most basic level, this shift in focus allows the show to branch out from dating mishaps and find new material in the fun and fraught time that is the first year or so in a couple’s relationship.

However, on a deeper level, the show has used Josh’s new relationship status to reset itself a bit, by making Findlay a true co-star to Baruchel.

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