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The head-up displays (HUD) project information into the pilot’s field of view through a glass pane.

As the system only ever shows the data that is relevant in a particular situation, such as take-off or landing, the crew maintain a clearer overview.

How can augmented and virtual reality support people in their work?

”AR technologies are improving the situational awareness of pilots in the cockpit.

The surgeons virtually fly through the heads of their patients and for this to be possible, they create 3D models of the brain using a combination of computer tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance tomography (MRT).

The 360-degree shots not only show where blood vessels and nerve paths run in the skull, but also the location of any tumors or aneurysms.

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The glasses are not only capable of incorporating CT scans holographically into the operator’s field of view, thus overlaying the patient’s head at a ratio of 1:1.

Up to 30 people can view and work on virtual 3D constructions in this presentation room, thus allowing production processes for future aircraft models to be already planned today. The social media platform wants to bring people closer together via virtual reality.

In other words, instead of meeting up at real locations, meetings take place virtually where the participants face each other avatar to avatar.

The digital alter egos interact using virtual reality glasses and visit real or virtual locations together.

What does the new factory floor of a company in China look like?


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