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I am sorry to hear this and it must be terrible for Lisa to have these intimate pieces of her taken away.

This anxiety, of course, long predates the Tumblr, as its anonymous creator has acknowledged, telling Buzz Feed loftily that the photos are intended to spark a conversation about “narcissism, exhibitionism, and sexuality.” For every gay guy who laughs it off, the boyfriend twin is another one’s worst fear realized.Without her there would be no TV show or some other publishing company making money off her ideas. Smith will always be one of my favorite authors and I am hard-pressed to find her magic - and yes, it's magic - in any other pages by any other author. The television series is so much worse than the books.She should be the one that gets recognize, not them. What happened with TVD and SC will not happen with any of Lisa's other books. I waited for and bought each book as soon as I found it on the shelves. I was so looking forward to the next installment since Damon's death.Hi YSTANO LISA WONT ADD HER STORY OF SECRET CIRCLE HERE AS SHE WILL GET SUED, IF SHE TRIED!That are her words when asked this Q prior SORRY - IM HEARTBROKEN 2I KNOW SHE CAN CONTINUE TO WRITE V. C BUT I ALSO KNOW IT NEVER WILL BE POSSIBLE DUE TO LESLIE MORGANSTEIN! D SHOW's CREDITSNot writing any more Secret Circle? The Secret Circle was my favorite and I always felt that there was more to the story.They are with a different publisher and have a different kind of contract. I felt strengthened by knowing there was a woman out there who could write such simple yet accessible dialogue and characters. I searched far and wide (on a then not so easily accessible and slow (sigh) dial-up 'Internet machine'. If I have to wait a year for each new book to come out... You are right there are many differences between the books and the TV show.


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