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The results show the applicability and usefulness of digital imagery in the estimation of fractional snow cover in forested areas, with a Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) in the range of 0.1–0.3 (with the full range of 0–1).View Full-Text ) 3-day moving window averaged fractional snow cover over time from image processing and daily visual observations, daily averaged snow depth over time from automatic ground measurements.This paper investigates the estimation of FSC using digital imagery to overcome the obstacle caused by forest canopy, and the possibility to use this imagery in the validation of FSC derived from satellite data.FSC is calculated here using an algorithm based on defining a threshold value according to the histogram of an image, to classify a pixel as snow-covered or snow-free.Note - To determine water level - on the right side of the picture there are five plastic spoons attached to a dogwood tree.

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In addition to the challenge related to presence of forest, in situ data of FSC—necessary for algorithm development and validation—are very limited.The first spoon at the bottom is for zero generators running; the second is for around two; third for around four; fourth for around 6; and fifth for around 8.Other White River sites include -Actual level - There are eight generators, or units, and one generator equals a little over 3000 cfs (cubic feet per second), or a little less than 50 mw (megawatts) [Bull Shoals Dam has total plant capacity of 391mw divided by 8 generators equals 48.88mw per generator].Projected level - (Bull Shoals Dam, the tailwater being White River, is #14 "BSD").Note: Projections may not necessarily be what actually happens!!Images from the MONIMET camera network, producing a continuous image series in Finland, are used in the analysis of FSC.


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