Is robert plant and alison krauss dating

, both Plant and Krauss have focused on separate projects – though there was one earlier aborted attempt, in 2009, to create a follow up.Plant has said they walked away because they couldn't come up with suitable material.Apart from Grammy, she is also remembered for her melodious voice.

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Other than the occasional live appearance, however, nothing substantive has ever come of it – until now.

She said of the album: Krauss is a twenty-seven time Grammy winner, more than any other female artist in Grammy history.

Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss along with Union Station toured in summer of 2014.

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. CNN: Alison, did you listen to Led Zeppelin growing up? (Plant is shaking his head and mouthing the word "No.") My brother was and is such a huge fan of the band, and I remember growing up and he would be in his bedroom yelling about the records and how great they were. Plant: Yeah, to some degree, but not as intensely as I became. Just one was south of the Delta, and one was Virginia and Tennessee and North Carolina.

Once upon a time, the iconic lead singer of Led Zeppelin and the golden girl of bluegrass would never have been mentioned in the same sentence. I haven't even gotten off to being bullied enough yet. And also, I didn't understand the history of where Alison's from [bluegrass], and has been since she was a child. So we've got lots in common -- but it's the presentation and the whole musicality of it that's different.


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