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At the same time, however, the Germans deployed 228 divisions in the east.Thus, the Germans had almost four times as many troops facing the Soviets.Whatever postwar conferences did take place would have found Churchill and Roosevelt in a much stronger position relative to Stalin.Eastern Europe might still have been in a Soviet sphere of influence, but Communist hegemony would not have been enforced by a Red Army that occupied so many nations by the end of the war.At no time after 6 June, 1944, did the German high command contemplate transferring forces from the east to the west to counter the Normandy landings, but 46 divisions, including some from France, were redeployed to the eastern front.

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The Wehrmacht had 58 divisions in the west, of which only 11 were deployed against the D-Day landings.Not only were German losses close to 25% of their manpower on the eastern front, but the territory lost brought Soviet forces to the border of the Reich.Desperate battles ensued in East Prussia, while a large concentration of German forces was cut off in the Courland peninsula further north.-- Battle of Seelow Heights and the Fall of Berlin, March-May 1945 Campaign Preparations: An Operational Overview By Russ Rodgers USAREUR Command Historian Churchill and Roosevelt gave the idea little serious consideration; in fact, Churchill would have preferred to wait until 1945.In August 1942, a 6,000-man force, mostly Canadian, had launched a raid on the French port of Dieppe.In 1943, Rommel's Atlantic Wall in northern France [machine-gun Bunkers, underwater barriers to block landing craft, and "asparagus" poles to prevent glider landings] was much inferior to the fortress that he had built by 1944.


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