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In an earlier motion, accusing Constand of violating the confidentiality agreement, Cosby's lawyer, Patrick J. Troiani, her lawyer, countered Tuesday that the messages had nothing to do with Cosby, but were sent in response to the U. Supreme Court decision nearly two weeks earlier legalizing gay marriage.O'Connor, zeroed in on a set of tweets Constand sent July 6 - the same day a federal judge in Philadelphia unsealed court filings containing excerpts of the deposition Cosby gave in her case. "In his narcissistic view of the world, [Cosby] believes that [Constand's] every tweet must be about him," she wrote.You can network with dozens of horny singles every day and setup dates to determine if you can have a discreet relationship.So if you are looking for sex free then you have come to the right place."Your conduct at the deposition isn't exactly stellar and now Temple is coming after you," Troiani wrote in a July 20 e-mail to O'Connor, whose dual role as Cosby's lawyer and chairman of Temple University's board of trustees has recently come under scrutiny.With so much shade being cast in all directions, it has at times become difficult to keep straight what exactly the lawyers are fighting about.

“Lesbian bars have almost completely disappeared due to gentrification, mainstreaming, the internet culture and a shift in how we identify with more fluid gender identities becoming the norm rather than the exception.” Despite this it was clear to James that lesbian and queer women, young and old, still wanted their own spaces to relax and connect with each other. Nowadays there are some great events to go to, but nothing permanent, to just go and hang out.” For James, this was an opportunity to embrace the new and learn from the old, leading to the development of modeled on a lesbian bar and complete with a home page displaying a neon sign and Open 24/7 on the door.

"Obviously, the 'heart' of [Constand's] bargain was not secrecy, but rather the receipt of money," O'Connor wrote of the 2006 settlement in a motion filed last week.

Constand's recent complaints, he said, are "a sham and an obvious attempt to have her cake and eat it, too." And lest anyone believe the animosity stops with Constand and Cosby, both O'Connor and Troiani have included their own e-mail exchanges in recent filings, which reveal neither is above trading personal barbs with the other.

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