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You’re judged on how you serve and your values.” Lynn Liberman, the Jewish Community Chaplain at Jewish Family Service of St. “It doesn’t feel particularly surprising,” said Liberman, “It’s a welcoming community.It’s a great place to work as a Jew, no matter your persuasion.GLCS has a rich history of community service in Southeastern Minnesota.

“It’s huge in a city of our size and it’s really awesome and exciting because the Twin Cities are such an affiliated community.” So what is about the Twin Cities that it has become such a landing spot?

Weininger is a New York native who came to Adath fresh out of the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2012.

He had the distinction of being the first openly gay student to be accepted to rabbinical school at JTS; The school changed its policy on ordaining gay and lesbian rabbis in 2007, shortly before he was accepted at the school.

“I think geography plays a big role,” said Adath Jeshurun Rabbi Aaron Weininger.

“Often times people talk about the coasts as being more accepting. A lot of congregations, Adath included, have done the hard work going back to the 1980s.


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