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For those of us who cannot afford to go to Burning Man, which is most of us, or for the introverts who eschew mass parties under a blistering sun, the live cam might prove to be the ideal way to take it all in.Pacific Park is an amusement park located on the Santa Monica Pier, over looking the Pacific Ocean.You will see the webcam image and can choose a toy to play with a cat.You can also choose a shelter where you can feed a puppy and buy treats if you want to feed them more. More » See a peaceful garden in a south Florida home, complete with a Buddha statue.

It will stream live all this week, culminating with Sunday's burning of the man.It’s been broadcasting live from this spot since 1998.With some luck, you’ll see big cats coming for a drink or even on a kill close by.More » Are you lacking a pet at home but want to play with and feed one?Use a live webcam to play with cats and puppies that are awaiting adoption at an animal shelter.These pets are available for adoption if you fall in love with them. Type a message to appear on their scrolling message LED board and see if you get a reply. Have you been successful in irritating the resident Texans? You can liven things up by selecting the Bubbles button and it activates 30 seconds of bubble-making.


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