Pollygamy dating

The app will resume accepting new members on Thursday, he said.Women’s rights activist Zakia Tunisa said the app was “upsetting and shocking”.You enter your age, location, status, physical attributes, bio, and what you’re looking for.

He’s trying to take the idea of polygamy, which has deep roots in Muslim culture, and take it mainstream.Polygamy is legal in Indonesia, where a man is allowed to be married to up to four women at a time, but the practice is frowned upon.Lindu Pranayama, the 35-year-old developer of the app called Ayo Poligami, said the idea came to him a year ago when he was scrolling through a dating app.Indonesian men who apply to one of the country’s Islamic courts, which have jurisdiction over marriage, are able to take a second wife under certain circumstances.For example, a court may review and grant an application if the man’s first wife is unable to bear children or has a disability and gives her permission.It allows users to swipe left or right on a person’s profile to signal their willingness – or not – to meet them, similar to the popular mobile dating app Tinder.


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