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Sex addicts are also particularly vulnerable to the siren song of online technology.Many feed their addictions through online pornography, random hookups through Craigslist, dating sites, and cybersex chatrooms. SANDY FITZGERALD (with interviewed content from Ross Rosenberg) WED JUN 20, 2012 PM Have you ever gone online, intending just to check your e-mail, only to find you’re still logged on hours later? But if you’re losing time because of a gambling or sex addiction, you’re not alone there either.With the advent of high-speed, always-on Internet, people suffering from addictions are finding that the innocent-looking computer sitting on a desk means instant gratification on an unprecedented scale.It isn’t the Internet itself, but how quickly it can provide stimulation to those that have a predisposition to addiction. Michael Fenichel, a New York-based clinical and school psychologist who has closely studied and lectured on addictive behaviors, agrees that the Internet and social media are not inherently addictive, but provide “great temptations.” “The Internet is a tool, used by people,” he said.

Is this behavior pattern demonstrably doing harm to others aspects of life: home/work, social relations, f2f life? Is this person aware of the impact, as others see it, and if so, is s/he motivated to change it?

“In and of itself, it’s not going to stop you, but if you really want to quit, these will help keep you from going on the Internet,” he said.

“If it helps the sex addict keep sober, it’s a positive experience, not a punitive one.” Does Being Online Aggravate Certain Addictions?

But there is often a connection between the behavior and smartphones, causing families and marriages problems.

“One of the guys in my practice is a sex addict, and he needed two years of sobriety before his wife would give him permission to have an i Phone,” said Rosenberg.


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