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" I always struggle to find an answer to that question, partly because I don't know what people are asking. Kinda was looking forward to a "low key"ish weekend to get some writing done. I think people are really looking for specific examples to all the "fluff" I give them about community, brotherhood, negotiations, and sex. Him: I have a way of making the simple act of laying there on the table become increasingly uncomfortable and painful over time. No reason I can't have you over for you to stew for a few hours. And I get cold pretty easily..I prefer it to be a bit warmer Him: OK. There's no escaping the pain part, but it will come from different sources. I think I've been in some situations like that before...turns me off...there's definitely a motivation there for me. I have a HUGE fetish for gags/being gagged/silenced/muffled so of course the ballgag sticks out to me..nakedness is humiliating to the sub, particularly if the dom is clothed..hood because it means the sub can't see what's coming's a very objectifying position. I was planning on having a quiet night in tonight since I'm likely out tomorrow night. And how do you tend to react to temperature when you're completely naked? I wouldn't say anything more than anything else.

Of course, the most famous and well-respected unit in the SEALs is SEAL Team Six. Exhibition and humiliation are other ones...idea of being kept hogtied and gagged, naked, on the floor while a dom (or a few guys) ignore me and/or watch TV or the game or whatever is kind of objectification..again, only if I can reach the headspace. I've been tying guys up and getting tied up since I was 17. I also feel like I can size up a "good" dom when I see one. Watersports is a prime example (ew gross urine *puke*) but if I feel submissive enough....all changes. Use my body to please a horny moaning mess... Me: I trimmed it shorter to be more accommodating for tape and gags... Almost a shame to hide it under a hood, but sometimes such sacrifices must be made. Will do...was there anything from the list I should bring with?


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