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Phasewalk isn’t deactivated until the duration is met or Lilith is put into Fight for your Life.

It's theoretically possible due to the skill where killing an enemy gives you a couple seconds more Gunzerking time, but if the ability lasted for more than 30 seconds with no enemies around the character was almost certainly cheating.

It's noteworthy that in just about any normal playthrough you'll repeatedly hit brief lulls that are long enough and free enough of enemies that will cause Gunzerking to end even with these skills.

This page is mostly written in response to how characters in Borderlands 2 seem to be a lot more powerful than their predecessors were in the first. spoilers..., but I loved playing Lilith from the last game, so I decided to try and see what she could do in this one if she was a playable character! Activating Phasewalk renders Lilith Invisable and Invulnerable to damage, dispelling any Elemental Effects that may be on her.

This is to be expected, and I am sure that the first Vault Hunters are much more powerful than they were before, i.e. This also doubles her Movement Speed for its duration.


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